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Wednesday, December 12

Wednesday, December 12
8.30 Keynote by Bernhard Scholkopf
Room: Salle des Nations I & II
9.30 Coffee break 9.30
Classification 2
Room: Permeke & Rembrandt
Clustering 2
Room: Salle des Nations I
Social Networks 2
Room: Salle des Nations II
Tutorial 3
Room: Alto & Mezzo & Tempo
Demo Sessions
12.00 Lunch, (on your own) 12.00
13.30 13.30
18.00 18.00
18.30 18.30

Classification 2

Wednesday, 12 December
10:00 – 12:00

10:00 The mixture of multi-kernel relevance vector machines model short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Konstantinos Blekas and Aristidis Likas
10:20 Self-Training with Selection-by-Rejection short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Yan Zhou, Murat Kantarcioglu, and Bhavani Thuraisingham
10:40 Co-Labeling: A New Multi-view Learning Approach for Ambiguous Problems short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Wen Li, Lixin Duan, Ivor Wai-Hung Tsang, and Dong Xu
11:00 Graph-oriented Learning via Automatic Group Sparsity for Data Analysis short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Yuqiang Fang, Ruili Wang, and Bin Dai
11:20 Ensemble Pruning via Constrained Eigen-Optimization short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Linli Xu, Bo Li, and Enhong Chen
11:40 Healing Truncation Bias : Self-weighted Truncation framework for Dual Averaging short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Hidekazu Oiwa, Shin Matsushima, and Hiroshi Nakagawa

Clustering 2

Wednesday, 12 December
10:00 – 12:00

10:00 Scalable and Memory-efficient Clustering of Large Scale Social Networks short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Joyce Jiyoung Whang, Xin Sui, and Inderjit S. Dhillon
10:20 Clustering Time Series using Unsupervised-Shapelets short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Jesin Zakaria, Abdullah Mueen, and Eamonn Keogh
10:40 Dimensional Testing for Multi-Step Similarity Search short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Michael E. Houle, Xiguo Ma, Michael Nett, and Vincent Oria
11:00 Discovery of Causal Rules Using Partial Association short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Zhou Jin, Jiuyong Li, Lin Liu, Thuc Duy Le, Bingyu Sun, and Rujing Wang
11:20 Outlier Detection in Arbitrarily Oriented Subspaces short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Hans-Peter Kriegel, Peer Kröger, Erich Schubert, and Arthur Zimek
11:40 Outlier Ranking via Subspace Analysis in Multiple Views of the Data short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Emmanuel Müller, Ira Assent, Patricia Iglesias, Yvonne Mülle, and Klemens Böhm

Social Networks 2

Wednesday, 12 December
10:00 – 12:00

10:00 Sequential Network Change Detection with Its Applications to Ad Impact Relation Analysis short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Yu Hayashi and Kenji Yamanishi
10:20 GUISE: Uniform Sampling of Graphlets for Large Graph Analysis short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Mansurul A Bhuiyan, Mahmudur Rahman, Mahmuda Rahman, and Mohammad Al Hasan
10:40 Reliable Clustering on Uncertain Graphs short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Lin Liu, Ruoming Jin, Charu Aggarwal, and Yelong Shen
11:00 Towards Annotating Media Contents through Social Diffusion Analysis short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Tong Xu, Dong Liu, Enhong Chen, Huanhuan Cao, and Jilei Tian
11:12 Inferring the Underlying Structure of Information Cascades short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Bo Zong, Yinghui Wu, Ambuj K. Singh, and Xifeng Yan
11:24 Detecting Spam and Promoting Campaigns in the Twitter Social Network short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Xianchao Zhang, Shaoping Zhu, and Wenxin Liang
11:36 Towards Automatic Image Understanding and Mining via Social Curation short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Katsuhiko Ishiguro, Akisato Kimura, and Koh Takeuchi
11:48 IRIE: Scalable and Robust Influence Maximization in Social Networks short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Kyomin Jung, Wooram Heo, and Wei Chen