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CPROD1 Consumer PRODuct Mention Recognition and Linking

A significant proportion of web usage relates to discussions, research, and purchase of consumer products. Currently, hundreds of thousands of blogs, forums, product review sites, and e-commerce merchants currently exist, in part, to service consumer's need to access product related information and demand to share experiences with products.

The goal of ICDM-2012's competition is to determine the state-of-the-art methods to automatically recognize product mentions in such textual content and to also disambiguate which product(s) in product catalogs are being referenced. Specifically, the task is to automatically identify all mentions of consumer products in a largely user generated collection of web-content, and to correctly identify the product(s) that each product mention refers to from a large catalog of products. The datasets provided includes hundreds of thousands of text items, a product catalog with over fifteen million products, and hundreds of manually annotated product mentions to support data-driven approaches.

Contest Timeline

  • Monday, July 2 to Sunday, September 16: Model training period against a public leaderboard. Code submission available throughout.
  • Sunday, September 16: Deadline to submit final models. Final code must be submitted by this time (midnight PST)
  • Monday, September 17: Release of the Model Evaluation Set for winner selection (10am PST)
  • Monday, September 24: Deadline to submit Model Evaluation Set solutions. (midnight PST)
  • Monday, October 1: Winners are announced
  • Saturday, October 13: Deadline for submission of 2-3 page report for consideration. This option is only available for contestants who submitted a model and solutions by their deadline. The paper will be referreed for admitance into the contest workshop publication. The paper must be in ICDM format.
  • Monday, December 10: Conference workshop paper presentation and official awards ceremony. The contest is being run through

Please visit to get the data and make your submissions.

You may contact CPROD1 contest crew at cprodone @

PS: The original call for contest proposals can be found at