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Tuesday, December 11

Tuesday, December 11
8.15 Opening
Room: Salle des Nations I & II
8.30 Keynote by Martin Krzywinski
Room: Salle des Nations I & II
9.30 Coffee break 9.30
Classification 1
Room: Permeke & Rembrandt
Clustering 1
Room: Salle des nations I
Social Networks 1
Room: Salle des nations II
Tutorial 1
Room: Alto & Mezzo & Tempo
Demo Sessions
12.00 Lunch (on your own) 12.00
13.30 Efficient Algorithms 1
Room: Salle des nations I
Privacy and Security
Room: Salle des nations II
Spatial and Temporal
Room: Permeke & Rembrandt
Tutorial 2
Room: Alto & Mezzo & Tempo
15.30 Coffee break 15.30
16.00 Models and Algorithms for New Applications
Room: Salle des nations I
Data Pre-Processing
Room: Salle des nations II
Foundations and Quality Control
Room: Permeke & Rembrandt
Tutorial 2
Room: Alto & Mezzo & Tempo
18.00 18.00
18.30 18.30

Classification 1

Tuesday, 11 December
10:00 – 12:00

10:00 Hierarchical Multilabel Classification with Minimum Bayes Risk short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Wei Bi and James T. Kwok
10:20 Multi-Task Semi-Supervised Semantic Feature Learning for Classification short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Changying Du, Fuzhen Zhuang, Qing He, and Zhongzhi Shi
10:40 Handling Ambiguity via Input-Output Kernel Learning short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Xinxing Xu, Ivor W. Tsang, and Dong Xu
11:00 ConfDTree: Improving Decision Trees Using Confidence Intervals short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Gilad Katz, Asaf Shabtai, Lior Rokach, and Nir Ofek
11:20 Unsupervised Multi-Class Regularized Least-Squares Classification short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Tapio Pahikkala, Antti Airola, Fabian Gieseke, and Oliver Kramer
11:40 A Novel Semantic Smoothing Method based on Higher Order Paths for Text Classification short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Mithat Poyraz, Zeynep Hilal Urhan, and Murat Can Ganiz

Clustering 1

Tuesday, 11 December
10:00 – 12:00

10:00 Efficient Kernel Clustering Using Random Fourier Features short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Radha Chitta, Rong Jin, and Anil K. Jain
10:20 Kernel-based Weighted Multi-view Clustering short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Grigorios Tzortzis and Aristidis Likas
10:40 A General and Scalable Approach to Mixed Membership Clustering short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Frank Lin and William W. Cohen
11:00 Robust Nonnegative Matrix Factorization via Half-Quadratic Minimization short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Liang Du, Xuan Li, and Yi-Dong Shen
11:20 An Ellipsoidal K-means for document clustering short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Faabom Dzogang, Christophe Marsala, Marie-Jeanne Lesot, and Maria Rifqi
11:40 Self-adjusting Models for Semi-supervised Learning in Partially-observed Settings short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Ferit Akova, Murat Dundar, Yuan Qi, and Bartek Rajwa

Social Networks 1

Tuesday, 11 December
10:00 – 12:00

10:00 Defining and Evaluating Network Communities based on Ground-truth short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Jaewon Yang and Jure Leskovec
10:20 Community Preserving Lossy Compression of Social Networks short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Hossein Maserrat and Jian Pei
10:40 Spotting Culprits in Epidemics: How many and Which ones? short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
B. Aditya Prakash, Jilles Vreeken, and Christos Faloutsos
11:00 Detecting Anomalies in Bipartite Graphs with Mutual Dependency Principles short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Hanbo DAI, Feida ZHU, Ee-Peng LIM, and HweeHwa Pang
11:20 RankTopic: Ranking Based Topic Modeling short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Dongsheng Duan, Yuhua Li, Ruixuan Li, Rui Zhang, and Aiming Wen
11:40 Automatically Discovering Talented Musicians with Acoustic Analysis of YouTube Videos short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Eric Nichols, Charles DuHadway, Hrishikesh Aradhye, and Richard Lyon

Efficient Algorithms 1

Tuesday, 11 December
13:30 – 15:30

13:30 Scalable Coordinate Descent Approaches to Parallel Matrix Factorization for Recommender Systems short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Hsiang-Fu Yu, Cho-Jui Hsieh, Si Si, and Inderjit Dhillon
13:50 Tuple MapReduce: Beyond classic MapReduce short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Pedro Ferrera, Ivan de Prado, Eric Palacios, Jose Luis Fernandez-Marquez, and Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo
14:10 Parallelization with Multiplicative Algorithms for Big Data Mining short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Dijun Luo, Chris Ding, and Heng Huang
14:30 Efficient Pattern-Based Time Series Classification on GPU short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Kai-Wei Chang, Biplab Deka, Wen-Mei W. Hwu, and Dan Roth
14:50 GPU-Accelerated Feature Selection for Outlier Detection using the Local Kernel Density Ratio short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Fatemeh Azmandian, Ayse Yilmazer, Jennifer G. Dy, Javed A. Aslam, and David R. Kaeli
15:10 Scalable Training of Sparse Linear SVM short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Guo-Xun Yuan and Kwan-Liu Ma

Privacy and Security

Tuesday, 11 December
13:30 – 15:30

13:30 Reconstructing Graphs from Neighborhood Data short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Dora Erdos, Rainer Gemulla, and Evimaria Terzi
13:50 Differentially Private Histogram Publishing through Lossy Compression short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Gergely Acs, Claude Castelluccia, and Rui Chen
14:10 Class Probability Estimates are Unreliable for Imbalanced Data (and How to Fix Them) short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Byron C. Wallace and Issa J. Dahabreh
14:30 A General Framework for Publishing Privacy Protected and Utility Preserved Graph short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Mingxuan Yuan, Lei Chen, Weixiong Rao, and Hong Mei
14:42 Privacy-preserving SimRank over Distributed Information Network short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Yu-Wei Chu, Chih-Hua Tai, Ming-Syan Chen, and Philip S. Yu
14:54 Mining Permission Request Patterns from Android and Facebook Applications short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Mario Frank, Ben Dong, Adrienne Porter Felt, and Dawn Song
15:06 Multiple Kernel Learning Clustering with an Application to Malware short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Blake Anderson, Curtis Storlie, and Terran Lane
15:18 Risks of Friendships on Social Networks short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Cuneyt Gurcan Akcora, Barbara Carminati, and Elena Ferrari

Spatial and Temporal

Tuesday, 11 December
13:30 – 15:30

13:30 Effective and Robust Mining of Temporal Subspace Clusters short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Hardy Kremer, Stephan Günnemann, Arne Held, and Thomas Seidl
13:50 Student-t based Robust Spatio-Temporal Prediction short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Yang Chen, Feng Chen, Jing Dai, T. Charles Clancy, and Yao-Jan Wu
14:10 Robust Prediction and Outlier Detection for Spatial Dataset short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Xutong Liu, Feng Chen, and Chang-Tien Lu
14:30 Understanding Data Completeness in Network Monitoring Systems short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Flip Korn, Ruilin Liu, and Hui (Wendy) Wang
14:50 Inferring the Root Cause in Road Traffic Anomalies short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Sanjay Chawla, Yu Zheng, and Jiafeng Hu
15:10 A Stochastic Model for Context-Aware Anomaly Detection in Indoor Location Traces short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Chuanren Liu, Hui Xiong, Yong Ge, Wei Geng, Matt Perkins

Models and Algorithms for New Applications

Tuesday, 11 December
16:00 – 18:00

16:00 ETM: Entity Topic Models for Mining Documents Associated with Entities short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Hyungsul Kim, Yizhou Sun, Julia Hockenmaier, and Jiawei Han
16:20 Efficient Algorithms for Finding Richer Subgroup Descriptions in Numeric and Nominal Data short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Michael Mampaey, Siegfried Nijssen, Ad Feelders, and Arno Knobbe
16:40 Sparse Group Selection on Fused Lasso Components for Identifying Group-specific DNA Copy Number Variations short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Ze Tian, Huanan Zhang, and Rui Kuang
17:00 Multiplicative Algorithms for Constrained Non-negative Matrix Factorization short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Chengbin Peng, Ka-Chun Wong, Alyn Rockwood, Xiangliang Zhang, Jinling Jiang, and David E. Keyes
17:12 Rapid and Robust Denoising of Pyrosequenced Amplicons for Metagenomics short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Byunghan Lee, Joonhong Park, and Sungroh Yoon
17:24 Multi-task Learning for Classifying Proteins with Dual Hierarchies short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Anveshi Charuvaka and Huzefa Rangwala
17:36 A New Proposal for Score Normalization in Biometric Signature Recognition Based on Client Threshold Prediction short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Carlos Vivaracho-Pascual, Arancha Simon-Hurtado, Esperanza Manso-Martinez, and Juan Pascual-Gaspar
17:48 Analysis of Temporal High-Dimensional Gene Expression Data for Identifying Informative Biomarker Candidates short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Qiang Lou and Zoran Obradovic

Data Pre-Processing

Tuesday, 11 December
16:00 – 18:00

16:00 Estimating Local Information Trustworthiness via Multi-Source Joint Matrix Factorization short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Liang Ge, Jing Gao, Xiao Yu, Wei Fan, and Aidong Zhang
16:12 Heterogeneous Constraint Propagation with Constrained Sparse Representation short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Zhiwu Lu and Yuxin Peng
16:24 Collaborative Filtering with Aspect-based Opinion Mining: A Tensor Factorization Approach short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Yuanhong Wang, Yang Liu, and Xiaohui Yu
16:36 Signal Disaggregation via Sparse Coding with Featured Discriminative Dictionary short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Bingsheng Wang, Feng Chen, Haili Dong, Arnold P. Boedihardjo, Chang-Tien Lu
16:48 Hashing with Generalized Nystrom Approximation short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Jeong-Min Yun, Saehoon Kim, and Seungjin Choi
17:00 Low-Rank Transfer Subspace Learning short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Ming Shao, Carlos Castillo, Zhenghong Gu, and Yun Fu
17:12 Geodesic based semi-supervised multi-manifold feature extraction short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Mingyu Fan, Xiaoqin Zhang, Zhouchen Lin, Zhongfei Zhang, and Hujun Bao
17:24 Learning Heterogeneous Similarity Measures for Hybrid-Recommendations in Meta-Mining short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Phong Nguyen, Jun Wang, Melanie Hilario, and Alexandros Kalousis
17:36 IceCube: Efficient Targeted Mining in Data Cubes short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Shrutendra K Harsola, Prasad M Deshpande, and Jayant R Haritsa
17:48 Direct Discovery of High Utility Itemsets without Candidate Generation short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Junqiang Liu, Ke Wang, and Benjamin C.M. Fung

Foundations and Quality Control

Tuesday, 11 December
16:00 – 18:00

16:00 Hierarchical Multi-task Learning with Application to Wafer Quality Prediction short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Jingrui He and Yada Zhu
16:20 Stream Classification with Recurring and Novel Class Detection using Class-Based Ensemble short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Tahseen Al-Khateeb, Mohammad M. Masud, Latifur Khan, Charu Aggarwal, Jiawei Han, and Bhavani Thuraisingham
16:40 Assessing the Significance of Data Mining Results on Graphs with Feature Vectors short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Stephan Günnemann, Phuong Dao, Mohsen Jamali, and Martin Ester
17:00 Scaling Inference for Markov Logic via Dual Decomposition short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Feng Niu, Ce Zhang, Christopher Ré, and Jude Shavlik
17:12 Estimating the Expected Effectiveness of Text Classification Solutions under Subclass Distribution Shifts short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Nedim Lipka, Benno Stein, and James G. Shanahan
17:24 Adapting Component Analysis short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Fatemeh Dorri and Ali Ghodsi
17:36 Cost-Sensitive Online Classification and Its Application to Online Anomaly Detection short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Jialei Wang, Peilin Zhao, and Steven C.H. Hoi
17:48 Self-Taught Active Learning from Crowds short_paper) echo(" (Short)");?>
Meng Fang, Xingquan Zhu, Bin Li, Wei Ding, and Xindong Wu